Going Back to Move On

To my poor unloved blog, It has been so long since I have shown you love and posted to you but now I am back again. I want to go back in time a little with this post and cover in detail the last 4-5 months of my life. I know I have touched on…

Liverpool Floods

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Where to start? – So many of my posts here start with those three words. That’s only because it’s usually so long between posts here that I can throw any kind of ‘regular’ label out of the window….

We do just.. Begin Again


As you are reading this post I have¬†(or will have) started a new chapter in my adventure through life….


Well I’ve been posting here once a month for a while it seems. This isn’t intentional, it’s just what seems to be happening at the moment….

First Runner-up

I really have no idea what I am doing any more. Did I ever truly know? Was there ever a clearer path than darkness to follow?…

Becoming as clear as blackness


So much to say that there is not enough time to say it. Things did get difficult from the 14th February for many many reasons. Here we are, almost a month later and I am still here. Somehow. I am still here….


Times are going to get very hard over the next few weeks. I’ll apologise in advance.

The Grind of Broken Dreams


Insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results / Grind – To perform repetitive actions over and over to achieve a goal Anyone who says that Job Hunting is easy probably hasn’t had to experience the process and grind of the Job Seekers Circuit. Those who claim ‘there are…



I’m stuck. Here. Physically.¬†Mentally. I try to leave to make plans to ‘get myself out there’ and what happens? I’m pulled right back in. I write here when I feel the need to, but right now my need is greater than this blog….

Just Stop: The dark side of recovery


The following post is about a personal issue. It is a long post, an unedited thought-stream from my mind as of 10/1/16. I’ve been keeping all this in for far too long, and now as I can read it back here, I can let go of keeping it all inside. I make no apology for…