Sorry, two Cancer related posts in a row, and just days after one another. Till I have somewhere else for this to go, it goes here. In March 2017 I underwent a small operation on my left knee to fix a problem in my left foot. Recovery left me bed-bound for a couple of weeks. […]

What a day is has been. It feels like its been one long day from the last post here to this one. On the surface nothing has changed, however as is often the case, it is below the surface that major changes have occurred. There is too much to cover here in a single post […]

It’s November. First of all how did that happen? As always so much has happened over the previous months that I’ve not posted for. There is a reason (isn’t there always). There are some things happening to me and my family now that are simply too painful to talk about, or type about. I will do, […]

To my poor unloved blog, It has been so long since I have shown you love and posted to you but now I am back again. I want to go back in time a little with this post and cover in detail the last 4-5 months of my life. I know I have touched on […]

Where to start? – So many of my posts here start with those three words. That’s only because it’s usually so long between posts here that I can throw any kind of ‘regular’ label out of the window.

Well I’ve been posting here once a month for a while it seems. This isn’t intentional, it’s just what seems to be happening at the moment.

I really have no idea what I am doing any more. Did I ever truly know? Was there ever a clearer path than darkness to follow?

So much to say that there is not enough time to say it. Things did get difficult from the 14th February for many many reasons. Here we are, almost a month later and I am still here. Somehow. I am still here.