New Year.. New Start? Or Just Another Day?

I am not sure I really believe in New Year New Start if I am completely honest. I don’t think anything really changes except the night rolls on into the next day and we change calendars to keep track of where we are. I have a love – hate relationship with New Year. If I have somewhere to be or something to do then I tend to really enjoy myself, get into the spirit and have fun. But if the opposite is true and I have nothing special to do or nothing is going on, I feel like it’s both a waste of an opportunity and basically just another day. In the past year, 2022, I have gone to great efforts and distances to try to make something out of my year. My 40th orbit around the sun.

Last New Year I had the pleasure of spending with a great friend and their family, and when I floated this ‘big idea’ I had, it wasn’t met with negativity, in fact, it was encouraged. That set me off on the path towards making something happen with the year and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I think in truth, if I hadn’t have gotten ill during December, I might have had the motivation to get out again and try to arrange something for myself for New Year. Alas it wasn’t to be this year, so instead I spent it playing games online with friends, watching videos and single-playering my way into 2023.

As always there is a lot to process and digest from the Festive season and New Year at the end / start of a year. And as seems to have been the pattern set here for a while, there is simply too much to really go into in this post. So worry not those who don’t like a lot of words, it won’t be happening today, not here anyway. Thinking about 2023… x40 is still providing me with a packed schedule of events of entertainment, culture and life to enjoy out in the real world. I plan to spend more time working on my corporate masterplan, that could definitely do with a little more attention during 2023. It’s time to start getting some of these ideas that float around my head out there and into living things. There are some realistic objectives I’ve set for myself to try to achieve alongside all of that. And who knows, perhaps 2023 could be the year that I decide to take myself further away from home, perhaps even some sort of (dare I say it)… Holiday!

So to all who read this, a Very Merry New Year to you all, I hope it turns out better than 2022 (even though I have to say for me 2022 was not an altogether bad year. It had it’s ups and downs, just like any other year), and you can all go off and make happy new memories with your families and significant others.