We do just.. Begin Again

As you are reading this post I have (or will have) started a new chapter in my adventure through life. I will have started a new job, joining the workforce once more. It’s taken me approximately 5 months of searching, applying and interviewing to find a job, and it’s ironic that it comes from something I once did over 11 years ago. Hopefully this time I can give it a real go rather than following in the footsteps and having history repeat itself.

I won’t say what it is or where it is here, but it’s a part time position, which should be good for me and help me to improve my life in at least two areas; financially and physically.

Currently feeling positive, not particularly nervous and looking forward.. Let’s see how long that lasts! But seriously I am facing two or so weeks of training prior to starting on shift. I have done it before so hopefully the kinds of things in training will be similar, then it’s just the medical to get through.

It’s not a gamechanger and it doesn’t immediately, or fully solve the issues I have been dealing with, but it is a start. Let’s see how far it allows me to go.