Emotional Trouble

In the past my emotions have been labelled by others as being ‘overly emotional’ or ‘over sensitive’. I disagree. I am a highly sensitive person, I am not afraid of any backlash in admitting that, personally I don’t see a problem with it. So many people walk around this Earth apathetic to humanity and each other. I just can’t be that way. Perhaps sometimes I should reserve myself and be that way, but you know, it’s just not me.


I do admit that sometimes things are out of control, but I firmly believe that whatever the physical trigger, there has to be some underlying reason for everything. For example last weekend I was watching part of a gig online, crying actual tears for a good 20 minutes. Now what’s that about?!

I don’t know sometimes where my head is at, but at the same time, I don’t consider it a problem, neither should you.