Impossible Sharing

You know the expression “Can’t please everyone”? Well really can one actually please another? Let alone many. I don’t think they can, it doesn’t seem to be possible. Against overwhelming opposition, I am remaining positive somehow. But shields are low it has to be said. I’ve tried everything to not be brought down and captured by the slippage of others. As much as rising above would be ideal, frankly that takes just about as much energy as ignoring does too.

It’s not always possible. I think it possibly stems from jealousy of some kind. Through taking notice of others advice and actually caring and thinking about myself for a little bit, improving my own life in terms of work, health and fitness after what has been a strained 16 month period. When I finally get to do that, its hard to share the joy with the ‘impending doom’ moods of those close around me.

It shouldn’t be jealousy. It should be taken as a compliment that another has listened to advice and then gone out there and bettered ones self. But instead, it becomes an impossible chore to share.

Why bother?