Well I’ve been posting here once a month for a while it seems. This isn’t intentional, it’s just what seems to be happening at the moment. Too much has gone on since we last spoke to catch up on. But perhaps now, things are changing?

I hesitate to say that because as things are ‘literally’ changing, the situation won’t change for a while as yet. I’ve secured employment and I’ll start on the 9th May. Will I be able to do the job? Will I be able to do hours at the other Job? Will I be able to progress in both? It’s a time of great uncertainty. But like with Amazon, if I don’t try I won’t know.

This doesn’t solve everything. In fact, it solves exactly nothing. Till I get in, see if I can physically do it and go from there. We’ll know within two weeks that’s for sure.

Let’s see where this goes…