Liverpool Floods

Where to start? – So many of my posts here start with those three words. That’s only because it’s usually so long between posts here that I can throw any kind of ‘regular’ label out of the window. We’ve just had a lovely downpour of rain here. Hard, heavy rain for a good 30 minutes or so. The family will be soaked. It was really refreshing and needed after many days of dry hotness. 22mm of rain in 10 minutes apparently, or all together some 9 inches or rain today. Wow. However I am glad that it wasn’t my turn to be at work, working in the rain. Yep that’s right my new chapter is that I am working again. Part time at the Airport. Everyday I work I come home shattered thinking how the hell am I going to have the energy to go back and do it again tomorrow. Somehow the energy is there at the moment and I know better than to question it.

I am enjoying my new challenge and it is, particularly challenging to me. It’s new, it’s different to what I’ve done before (except kinda a little bit, not). But I’ve questioned my life so many times that now when a change happens I tend to just ‘roll with it’ as best I can till I can see the light through the tunnel. I just hope that at the end of it, I am left with some kind of energy to call my own, or some skin left on my feet. One thing is for sure, I’ve never slept as well as I get to sleep (when I sleep) at the moment.

Yes that’s right, this was not a complaining post, that’s a first right?