Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

Ok so it’s a song title by the Chemical Brothers and probably a lot more, but it’s other meaning is what inspired the need to post here today. As previously said I only post here when I feel I need to. This morning, I am feeling that need. Sometimes you think you know where you are exactly, and then you get blind-sided by some idle thought at 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon. That happened too.

So how to proceed now? A light has just gone out on its own here. – If that’s not a metaphor for my current climate then I don’t know what is. But seriously folks there is a ton of static energy flying around here tonight, we really do need that thunder and lightning to come and bring the rain with it. The rain will clear all the shit off the streets (read that as you will) and cleanse society (and sooth my migraine).

I am tired of asking and waiting for replies, replies that turn out to be completely unhealthy and toxic. I think action now is the required formula. But sometimes I really do feel so deserted by.. well those within my inner trust zone. So here goes…

We’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow.