You Can’t Unring a Bell..

and I have heard it’s call, so I have to go and try at the very least, and work it all out from there.

EDIT: I tried and I succeeded against all expectations. It would feel good except it matters to me what my friends think. This is the time I should be relaxed, enjoying the good feelings that come from going somewhere with a plan, and being successful. I am pleased don’t get me wrong. I am actually still excited, but I would be more so if more people retained an open mind, or I didn’t care so much what my friends think of me, my plans or my professional life.

There is a lot to consider before making a decision either way, and there are potentially other options in the pipeline too, but I think I’ll keep them all to myself, being a fast learner and all. But yes, many a hurdle to overcome before a strong decision can be made. It may not even be financially possible. It would certainly be a shining dollop of irony if it boils down to being stopped by money. Before I got into that, I wanted my honeymoon period where I can just be pleased and not consider the consequences.

I think really it all boils down from either me misrepresenting myself and my position, or people just not either understanding, or simply assumptions based in the past. – Right now however, I just need a little support. Someone to talk to as a friend looking forward and thinking about the possibilities rather than the hurdles and pitfalls, I know the hurdles and the pitfalls. To be fair I’ve jumped over most of the hurdles in the past, and the key to the pitfalls is not avoiding them, but knowing the way out. I’ve been down there, I know them well.  If I am making a mistake, the size that I have been told I am, then surely that is my mistake to make? But if I don’t try, I’d just be left wondering and driving around in circles.

Be it this, or something else, I have to try, I have an opportunity to better myself, my situation, my life, I am 33, I can’t ignore it and keep living in the delusion that it’s all going to fall into place correctly.