The End of An(other) Era

As of today, March 29th 2019 I have now officially resigned my position of employment with Amazon Logistics UK Ltd. There are parts relating to my resignation that I cannot talk about but lets face it, exactly who’s interested anyway. For me this is another ‘end of an era’, which I think personally has come far too soon, but at the end of it, I had very little choice. My Amazon ‘career’ lasted just two years and five months. Much much shorter than I had wanted it to be, but at the end what I need to remember to keep telling myself is that what happened was not in the slightest bit caused by me or was my fault whatsoever. I never said I was blaming Amazon either. Things happen. Unfortunately what has happened to me, and has caused this eventual situation to come to a head, has been life-changing in many different ways.

Writing this post now, some seven months after this actually happened, with hindsight, the ‘life-changing’ elements mentioned here pale into insignificance. [Future note: Now my world has changed, but at the time this was important, and ‘life-changing’ still stands in it’s own way]. I have been left with a physical injury. A disability in my eyes although we wont get into how blind that word can be. Not right now.

So as of today I am once again a free agent. Unemployed. Whatever you want to label it as. I am not however at this point looking for work. So whatever comes comes, and whatever will be will be. [Future note: It’s funny because when things happen in the future, we tend to think back to the past and try to remember something that we did, or didn’t do that would have affected things in the future. It’s stupid, but its human and it’s the way we operate].