Hope is overrated

It’s November. First of all how did that happen? As always so much has happened over the previous months that I’ve not posted for. There is a reason (isn’t there always). There are some things happening to me and my family now that are simply too painful to talk about, or type about. I will do, at some point I will share these details. Probably not here but I will do.

I don’t know when that will be. Every time I sit down to write something gets in the way, or I get upset and convince myself that now is not the right time. Then I make friends with the monkey of indecision.

I’ve been enjoying Work and the challenges that it throws up. I’ve been cross-trained to do more than what I knew when I started and since then I’ve moved on to add additional training in a completely different job role. It’s going well. Or it was going well. I’ve been forced to two two weeks off right now, this is related to that thing I find it hard to talk about. Related directly and indirectly. Logistically it was good that I was around the first week because of what needed to be done, but there is an actual injury there too, which is painful if I try to do too much.

So god only knows how things will be when I get back to work. I want to work, I want to get back. My reasons for being off were medical. Anyway, what else.. Oh yes, I believe I’ve just lost nearly 2tb of data from a drive I knew was failing. So there’s that..

We are a nation of acceptors. We get bad news from the doctor and say thank you.. We settle, for second and third rate services every single day of our existence. Why? Personally I’ve had enough of it now. We accept the service we get when the service we deserve is far greater. I’ve had enough of it now. 

My foot injury is called Plantar Fasciitis and apparently now I have Reactive Depression. What a wonderful life.