Wake up, don’t feel good but force myself in. In to the unknown as changes come today. Waiting. Waiting. Sudden change and into something new. Mixed feelings. Thrown in to the deep end of the shallow pool. Somehow still standing. Strange situation where you are encouraged to show you can lie. More learning. Only problem is systems. Break. Problems, Break. 10 GOTO 20. Lunch. Endless waste of time. Questions for points. Pointless questions. Following process when eyes don’t communicate with brain. Invokes feelings of failure. End of day. Stupid BMW drivers. Meeting. Surprisingly fine. Home. Food & Drink. Questions.. for points, personal points, 1up points. Same repeating sequel. Same repeating pattern. Same answer, Same feelings, nothing ever changes.

Now over the edge of the pit, backing down, holding on to the ridge.

Tuesday? 20 GOTO 10