A Title

Where to even start with this one? Yet again it’s been a long time since I’ve had a moment to sit and write anything down outside of my personal notes. There has been a lot of things going on with me lately. So much so that even choosing a starting point becomes a challenge.

Ok so in the last post I mean I spoke about the Interview I did back in June / July this year, and then becoming unemployed around the end of November. All of that went out of the window at 5am on the 1st December when my Aunt whom lives here with us fell ill. Unresponsive and ill. – Fastforward to three weeks later and she is up and running and back at home. There is far too much to cover right here right now, but as I do it will be written up sometime.

For now all I can do is be thankful to the caring staff of ICU at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, words can’t express enough thanks for the job that you did for my aunt. Thank you.

One thing I will say is that to have to pay £73.40 to park the car during a 3 week hospital stage is appalling. That I think is only going to get worse with the building of the new building and however car parks are going to work for that.

With the 1st December issue and the weeks that followed everything else in my life stopped, paused.. and this is now where I find myself at the very end of the year trying to make some sense of the chaos before the new year arrives. New year itself I am sure will pass without incident (locally), but it’s not really for the single people now is it? It’ll be my.. 31’s quiet year in I suspect. Do the math!

One of my battles while fighting through the weeks following the 1st December was to secure myself some of the money owed to me by B***lays who were my employer. Holiday pay. My mistake was to allow myself to be shown out of the building without any paperwork or confirmation of anything. But it shows the incompetence of a Project when it takes firstly three people to complete exit paperwork, and what’s more, for them to enter exit dates ‘incorrectly’. A mess that was finally sorted out after many phone calls back and forth between B***lays and the Staffing agency involved. Eventually BTR was able to get the bottom of the issues, which were entirely caused by the wrong exit date being entered for my exit from the company. The exit day was put as February 2016, coincidentally the original end date for the contract. – So did B***lays, to cover themselves and not make it look like there was a mass exodus from the Project, enter February 2016 as the exit date purposefully? – Wouldn’t really put it past them if I am honest. Either way, I was thankfully paid the week before Christmas week, which meant two things; a) I could pay my bills for December and half of January, and b) I could afford to buy some Christmas presents for my family. So thank you to B***lays for making things just that little bit harder in the first place through the way they exited people, and for holding out as long as you could before paying you what was owed to me. Even if it wasn’t you directly that paid me, it was awaiting your sign-off, which you did. Incorrectly, twice.

What’s next? Tyres. Tyres badly needed renewing before December 1st but somehow the car survived the drive to and from the Hospital every day on very used rubber, so £75 later, there are two part-warn tyres on the front of the car now. The rears are starting to need it too. I’m sure you were fascinated to read that.

Writing usually helps me, but sometimes I find myself so down below that my writing makes no more sense than any of the redundant words that come out of my mouth.

Finally, I’d just like to say that some of my close friends this year have had to battle with illness of those close to them and that in itself is hard. Death is harder, there’s not other way to look at it. But sometimes, for those involved, it provides peace. My thoughts are with you all, always.

To my friends whom I’ve been unable to get to see this holiday period and this new year, I apologise. I’ve allowed circumstances to get in the way. I will try not to let that happen again. I hope you are all safe and have a fun new year filled with happiness and the joy that you deserve. You know who you are.