About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Kevin Higgins.

Proud founder of seven live websites including the IHTCI Initiative and KiloTangoHotel. I write (less than I wish), game (more than I should), produce short films, create music, develop websites and take & edit photographs. For more about “Me”, visit kevhiggins.com.

Visit kilotangohotel.co.uk for a quick look at latest posts from my most popular websites.

Visit stoney.media for 10 year’s of gaming videos or try ontheline.team for other gaming stuff.

Visit kilotangohotel.co.uk to see my 10 year history of Creative Short Films.

Visit ihtci.co.uk for a modern website from IHTCI Digital. We Specialise in WordPress & Magento Development.

Visit kth.photography to view a (incomplete & imperfect) Portfolio of Travel Photography.

Visit kevhiggins.com to find out more about “Me” the Human Being.